sabato 8 febbraio 2020

Best forniture and miniature for dollhouse

My Dollhouse work in progress

I have a hobby/passion: the dollhouse and miniature. I start now to renew in my little one, and i fond the right place where to buy miniature and forniture for dollhouse.

My Porcellan dishes

Now i want to show you few article that i found: the best of furniture and miniature for Dollhouse.

The Aida Pavia's Shop is my fave: every single piece is a masterpiece, like this pink sideway 1/12 forniture 

Or this lilla toilet in Victorian style handpaint

Lilla toilet 1/12 hand Painted euro 125,00

Or you like vintage and rares gift for your own Dollhouse?
Like this old chair rocking Brass?

But you can find different shops and different miniature for any taste. Do you like bon bon? Here they are

The top for a Victorian house a copy from the Jane Austin's master piece: Pride and prejudice

"This tiny, version of the classic, Pride and Prejudice, is designed from the original text and illustrations. Pages are text an illustrations. This is an abridged copy, and would make the perfect gift for any book lover, or plant lover as well as any dollhouse library."

There are also dollhouse for dollhouse, like this one

"delightful dollhouse in 1: 144 scale
it is internally lined with wallpaper and ready to be furnished as you wish
it is placed on a small table in 1/12 scale

                   Handmade Boho Dollhouse Miniature Bench No.10 One of a Kind

Fire place tatty chic. What is a house without a fire place? I am in love whit this one in white

What do you think about? Are you a dollhouse fun like me?

3 commenti:

  1. Bellissimo ogni tanto ritrovarti nella blogosfera.
    Oggetti e mobili retrò/vintage, rifinitissimi e bellissimi.


    1. Ciao. Ho il pallino delle dollhouse ora. Come stai?

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